Concern & action: Complex installation

A system or feature which is technically complicated requires specialist installation, understanding by installer and needs accurate commissioning in order to function correctly. Diagnosis and correction of problems can be more difficult than those of simpler installations.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Ensure implications of complexity of system (e.g. new heating technology, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery requiring new ducting, space allocation, wiring, controls) are understood through out supply chain e.g. from briefing and design through to installation, completion and on-going occupation. Consider alternative, less complex installations. Take into account the occupancy regime (e.g. tenanted properties with high turnover of occupants, home owner occupier).

During implementation

Select appropriately qualified installer (e.g. MCS qualification for renewable technologies). Installers need to be professional and provide a good level of customer interaction. Prepare and provide record of specific installation to consumer in a simple format.

After implementation

Check installation matches design requirements as specified and feedback any discrepancies to installers and manufacturers.