Concern & action: Complex operation

Feature (fabric and/or services) is complex and requires knowledge to operate effectively. Specialist help may be needed when problems occur.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Engage with user as early as possible on the project and take into consideration their requirements (e.g user focus groups). Choose user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use by various types of users (children, young, old) with various technical abilities. Consider the balance between automation and user control.

During implementation

Provide clear information to occupants of the systems installed and indicate any restrictions (e.g. avoiding fixings into walls penetrating the vapour control layer, boost settings on mechanical ventilation). Provide clear and specific information of the systems installed in plain language and explain any interaction needed. Use a variety of formats of communication that reinforce the same message. Give opportunities for hands on interaction with difficult to understand features (e.g. filter changing in MVHR) as early as possible.

After implementation

Provide follow on reminder sessions and/or other opportunities for hands on experience once the building is in occupation. Report any feedback from users to manufacturers and designers.