Concern & action: Daylight reduction

Reduction of daylight by reduced light transmission (e.g. glass specification) and/or obstruction of light coming in (e.g. deeper reveals, smaller openings). Reducing daylight could increase electric lighting consumption and affect health and well being.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Measure existing daylight availability in rooms to be refurbished. Consider the impact of potentially daylight reducing measures e.g. different glazing or adding external or internal insulation in relation to window openings; depth of insulation may reduce or obscure opening thus reducing daylight. Check impact of shading on daylight - weigh up reduction of daylight against its potential to reduce overheating potential.

During implementation

When detailing, consider retaining or incorporating features such as splayed window reveals that provide more daylight into rooms

After implementation

Measure daylight provision post refurbishment and report any loss of daylight noticed as a result of the implementation of the measures .