Concern & action: Handover to user/s

Personalised information and training about all the specific features of the building and its technologies installed is needed to ensure occupants can use their buildings with confidence. Failure to provide proper handover can cause excess energy use, ill health, discomfort and stress.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Establish what information is relevant to the user regarding the measures installed and consider the most appropriate way to communicate it to users of different ages and abilities (children elderly people, non technical, non English speakers, people with additional needs etc).

During implementation

Provide clear and concise information to the occupant about the implications of the measures installed (e.g. danger of compromising effectiveness of insulation installed and to allow moisture penetration by fixings on the wall; need to interact with various items of plant to adjust settings or carry out maintenance). Use a range of media to provide a variety information that meet all occupants' needs.

After implementation

Review some time after handover that the users have all the information they need to confidently operate their building and that their actions don\'t undermine the measures effectiveness. Clarify any possible misunderstandings or areas of poor information.