Concern & action: Installation quality

Product/material requires a standard of quality installation in order to operate as intended

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Define installation quality requirements e.g : use only system trained and approved installers for measure and put in place on site quality checking procedures, monitoring and/or testing (e.g. thermographic survey of cavity wall infill). Ensure design and supply chain are aware of critical aspect of installation quality for success of measure. Provide information so that it can be understood by a range of people - from the well informed expert to the complete novice. Consider using a supply contract that guarantees quality and performance, which requires supplier to put right any failure due to poor installation. If quality of installation cannot be guaranteed consider alternative product.

During implementation

Carry out on site checks to confirm quality of installation. Report any discrepancies with requirements and amend as necessary.

After implementation

Feedback any installation problems encountered to manufacturers, suppliers and specifiers



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