Concern & action: Maintenance interval and complexity

Measure requires maintenance (such as cleaning or technical fine tuning) at regular intervals by expert user or technical person, in order to continue to operate effectively. Clarity of requirements is needed as failure to carry out the maintenance can cause poor air quality leading to ill health or innefficient operation leading to excess energy use.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Establish need for maintenance of fabric and services at regular intervals. Establish routine checking requirements (e.g. checks on external condition, pointing, roof, rainwater goods to avoid moisture penetrating walls and/or walls becoming too wet). Consider use of third party contractor to undertake regular maintenance and define need to use appropriately qualified maintenance team for specialist services to carry out checks at defined intervals. Consider \'early warning\' monitoring system to alert building owner to possibility of maintenance failures.

During implementation

Provide clear and specific information on what maintenance is required, when it is required and who can carry out the maintenance, together with clear advice on how to do the maintenance if the user is expected to do it. E.g. YouTube video. Consider providing the information sequentially (no all just at handover).

After implementation

Check maintenance is being carried out at required regular intervals by the person(s) appropriately qualified for the task. If the user is carrying out maintance, discuss any problems or issues arising and clarify any doubts on the procedure.