Concern & action: Structural loading changes

Addition of structural weight to current structure

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

If a measure or measures are likely to result in changes to a building's structural load seek the advice and design expertise of a structural engineer. Any alterations to the structure should be designed by and signed off by a qualified engineer. Be aware that alterations of this nature may also require planning and/or listed building consent and/or building control/building warrant approval.

During implementation

Agree structural solution with relevant planning, heritage and/or building control authority. If approvals are refused or design and alteration requirements are onerous consider alternative approaches or substitute measures. In high risk situations put in place a structural monitoring system with regular reporting intervals to ensure building remains safe and is performing as intended. Prepare a mitigation strategy in case of indications of failure.

After implementation

Check the structural monitoring system at regular intervals. Carry out regular visual checks for signs of structural stress, if appropriate provide targeted advice to occupants to keep a watch for same.