Concern & action: User understanding

Lack of precise understanding by the user of the technologies and the controls installed in their homes. This can lead to an inefficient operation of the systems.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

If possible, check occupants existing knowledge about their home and operation and identify any information gaps or misconceptions. Identify and compile clear and concise information to pass to the occupant about the implications of the measures installed (e.g. danger of compromising effectiveness of insulation installed and to allow moisture penetration by fixings on the wall; need to interact with various items of plant to adjust settings or carry out maintenance).

During implementation

Provide a variety of information (in a range of media) that meets all occupants' needs. Consider that occupants can include users of different ages and abilities (children, elderly people, non technical, non English speakers, people with additional needs, etc.). Consider provision of information at different stages.

After implementation

Carry out repeat or follow on visits to ensure understanding is embedded. Provide recourse to a help and advice service to provide guidance with maintenance and efficient operation of building on an on-going basis